Henrietta Corbett, Horse

Henrietta Corbett, 'Horse', cut brass

Henrietta Corbett, Flying over Bridges

Henrietta Corbett, 'Flying over Bridges', collagraph

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Henrietta Corbett, Red on Blue

Henrietta Corbett, 'Red on Blue', acrylic on board

Painter, sculptor and printmaker, Henrietta Corbett moves seamlesslessly between 2 and 3 dimensional work.  She studied sculpture and print at Wolverhampton Polytechnic under Anish Kapoor and Nicola Hicks, where she learned the 'lost wax' method of bronze casting.  "I think if you are born to create, then you just do it with whatever’s in front of you," says Henrietta.

Henrietta Corbett

Henrietta Corbett at Printfest, Cumbria

Usually I’m working towards exhibitions and pre-arranged gallery shows throughout the year. I would make the work and then deliver the consignment to; Bath, Edinburgh, Cornwall…wherever it is due to be, but obviously lockdown and the temporary closure of many galleries has changed all that!

I'm currently using the time to explore new ideas, make new work, look at different ways of working and try using new materials.

Henrietta Corbett, Thorn series

Henrietta Corbett, 'Thorn' series. found materials

Adventures during lockdown have seen me collecting found objects and creating new pieces from drift wood, discarded metal and garden brambles.

I work from my studio at home, I find it much easier than a shared studio - which I did try once, but got nothing done.  I like the peace and quiet of my own space and Radio 3 and the cat for company.

Henrietta Corbett, 'Woman with Ram's Head'

Henrietta Corbett, 'Woman with Ram's Head', acrylic on plastic

I work across many mediums. I think it’s hard to categorise myself, I’m happy just being called an artist.

The repeated motifs in my work are the results of the paring down of images to create the very simplistic of line.

Birds, horses, trees, all become quite stylised images as I work to achieve the desired look. My work has been likened to the style of cave paintings and to ancient symbols, or aboriginal marks, all of which resonate with me. I think if you are born to create, then you just do it with whatever’s in front of you.

Henrietta Corbett, 'Sea Birds'

Henrietta Corbett, 'Sea Birds', Raku fired ceramic

I make small clay sculptures which I fire using the raku technique, which is an ancient Japanese way of firing ceramic pieces in an outside kiln. It’s also known as the ‘reduction process’. 

Henrietta Corbett, Raki Horse # 4

Henrietta Corbett, 'Raku Horse #4', Raku-fired ceramic

I use Raku as it creates a metallic look and sometimes a burnt or ‘ just dug up’ look. I like that it helps my pieces look like relics, slightly roughened on the surface with a charred texture.


Henrietta Corbett, Bridge series

Henrietta Corbett, 'Bridge' series, mono silkscreen print

My printmaking mainly involves the methods of drypoint, collagraph and monoprint.

Henrietta Corbett, Horse with Pink Field

Henrietta Corbett, 'Horse with Pink Field', acrylic on plastic

My paintings are done using acrylic on a hard surface such as plastic or board.

No two days are the same for me! The studio is constantly a mess, working in several mediums means I’m continually clearing the decks!

Henrietta Corbett, Golden Eye

Henrietta Corbett, 'Golden Eye', cut brass and found wood

I trained by taking a foundation course in Art and design at East Warwickshire College of Art. I then went on to study Sculpture and Print at Wolverhampton Polytechnic where I learned the ‘lost wax’ method of bronze casting. I also have a PGCE in art and design from the University of Brighton..


Henrietta Corbett, Tribal Head xiii

Henrietta Corbett, 'Tribal Head xiii', Raku fired ceramic

As a sculptor, I’ve had to learn many ‘joining together’ techniques, these are essential for stability and permanence. Gluing and pegging items to a base, hand riveting two bits of metal together etc. I would say that my favourite three artists are Elizabeth Frink, Marino Marini and Paul Klee.

The best piece advice I was given is 'Measure twice.. cut once' and if I could go back and give a piece of advice to my 22-year-old self, it would be - You can do it! 

Henrietta Corbett, Grey Horse on Pink Land

Henrietta Corbett, 'Grey Horse on Pink Land', acrylic

I was offered a solo show at Newcastle’s major contemporary Art Gallery, The Biscuit Factory. I made about 30-40 pieces for the show including all three disciplines, sculpture, prints and paintings.

It took about a year to get it all together. The exhibition opened in the winter of 2019 and was a very successful. Finishing something that I’m pleased with and then finding someone wants to buy it is always a very rewarding feeling.

"Her imagery has a timeless quality, recalling animals carved into chalk hills or on a cave wall, her bold compositions and sophisticated mark-making demonstrate the confidence of an artist at the height of her powers."   - The Biscuit Factory

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Henrietta Corbett, Horse with curve

Henrietta Corbett, Horse with Curve