Leicester Society of Artists is pleased to welcome these 11 artists who were elected membership on 12 May 2018

painting by Loz Atkinson

Loz Atkinson


Loz Atkinson is an award winning and internationally exhibited artist. She creates paintings involving nature and geometry, influenced by the vastness of the sky and universe

Painting by Andrew Chorley

Andrew Chorley


Andrew Chorley is a portrait painter, exploring the way textures can combine to capture the character of each sitter.

Print by David Clarke

David Clarke


After nearly 30 years design experience as a Creative Director and Consultancy Partner, David Clarke now concentrates on producing  graphic and often quite minimal art prints using digitally processed imaging. His work is presented in series,  juggling balance, spatial awareness and the tension between the component parts

Digital Print by Sue Clegg

Sue Clegg


Painting by Henrietta Corbett

Henrietta Corbett

Painter, printmaker, sculptor & ceramicist

Henrietta Corbett studied fine art at Wolverhampton Polytechnic under Anish Kapoor and Nicola Hicks and is now one of Leicestershire's most widely recognised artists. Her totemic creatures and abstracted landscapes are rich in textures and simple yet dynamic forms.

Painting by Vishal Joshi

Vishal Joshi


A painter of people, Vishal Joshi's explores the essence of human form through portrait painting and to develop his study of identity, history and culture.

Painting by Julie Manson

Julie Manson


Julie Manson is both an expressive painter and a tattoo artist. Exploring notions of identity and responding to atypical or unorthodox beauty, her subjects are often local people with extraordinary personal stories.  Inspiration also comes from the beauty of the overlooked or unnoticed, such as forgotten country paths, abandoned buildings and the narratives of individual human and animal life. 

Painting by Toni Northcott

Toni Northcott


Toni Northcott is drawn to natural form for inspiration, particularly the movement of water, especially where it meets land, and objects which have been weathered or affected by time, such as seed-heads, driftwood, pebbles and seaweed. She works in mixed media, using a variety of found objects as well as conventional tools to apply colour.

Print by Sue Rowlands

Sue Rowland

Textile Designer and Printmaker

After a degree in Textile Design from Central St Martins School of Art, Sue Rowland worked in the ceramic and textile industry as a consultant, and now runs her own freelance business working with schools and community groups in the East Midlands. In her prints and textile pieces Sue Rowlands explores pattern, texture and rich colours in intricate design layouts. Her work focuses on the themes of nature, old English folklore and history using detailed visual research and drawing.

print by Lucy Stevens

Lucy Stevens

Sound and visual artist and printmaker

Lucy Stevens examines the acoustic ecology of the natural environment, using field recording, digital illustration, performance and printmaking as a tool to visualise sound produced by wildlife, weather and other natural phenomena.

Panting by Deborah Ward

Deborah Ward


Deborah Ward observes and records her surroundings and people occupying them and the essence of the ephemera and objects that are part of their existence. She documents places of particular significance to her in landscape works, often returning to a place or subject to paint wear, growth, decay and renewal.