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27 June 2017

The first publication from an international artists group founded by George Sfougaras brings together twenty artists from twelve countries. An open call was put out in March 2017 to attract people who are working on the theme of identity.

Focus on Identity artwork

Yuqi Xiong, China, 'Gender Bias', mixed media sculpture

“The common threads within all the artworks are intellectual and artistic curiosity and a thirst for making sense of who we are,” says the editor, George Sfougaras. 

Focus on Identity artwork

Fatemah TahktKeshian, Iran, 'Negotiating 2', mixed media on canvas

“I re-kindled a search for meaning in the 'Self' and for the forgotten pieces of my 'Identity' when I was responding to a project themed to a ‘sense of place’. I felt that if a project topic could help me find the honesty that I had been looking for, I knew that others could be searching too.

I was looking for others from around the world who are either starting on a similar journey, who had been searching for a longer time, or had found their voice. We know that something powerful can happen when people work together.”

Artwork by Focus on Identity

Elmira Zadissa & Ramona Zadissa, Iran/Sweden/UK, 'Aude' from 'Brexit Stories', mixed media

The call attracted a large number of submissions, of which 20 were selected for publication.

“I was of course primarily looking for compelling work, says George, "and I have been astounded by the talent, and integrity I have encountered. "

There is no hierarchy based on experience, age, or number of exhibitions; there are twenty individual artists with affiliations and connections to fourteen countries. The group will continue to work on projects as a whole and in smaller groups.

Artwork by Focus on Identity project

Serena Laborante, Italy, 'Sposa', pencil on paper

"As it is based in different countries, some of the group’s cooperation will be through virtual meetings for now, says George Sfougaras.  “I am looking for appropriate funding to enable us to physically meet and exhibit.”

Artwork by Focus on Identity project

Tracey Eastham, UK, 'Such is the Patriot's Boast', paper cut

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