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LSA Chair, Suzanne Harry

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9 February 2017

The new Chair of Leicester Society of Artists is Rutland painter Suzanne Harry, who was elected following the Society’s recent Annual General Meeting. She takes over from sculptor Trevor Bent.

A former Head of Marketing and PR with The Arts Council South East, Mrs Harry moved to Rutland in 2004. She is a member of Leicester Sketch Club and was elected a member of LSA in 2015.

As a mature student, she trained at Birmingham School of Art and Design gaining both a BA and an MA. She says: “I had always sketched and painted as a hobby, and been to evening classes, but I thought it was time to take art seriously.

“I have been a professional artist for 10 years now and have been increasingly successful. I sell work through the North Street East Gallery in Uppingham and am part of Rutland Open Studios. My work  is largely landscape, but I enjoy still life and figurative work too.

“I believe it is a great honour to be a member of LSA, which has very high standards. I am especially proud of the way we reach out to students offering them help and encouragement to participate in our exhibitions.  We also welcome applications from artists in a variety of different forms.

“As Chair of LSA, which has been working to promote local art and artists and to encourage appreciation of the arts in the city and county and Rutland since 1882,  I am keen to get the Society more widely recognised both locally and nationally, for the quality and variety of members’ work.This is evident in our regular annual exhibitions at the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, and in special events such as our forthcoming Little Selves exhibition which is sponsored by the Arts Council.’’

Joan Stephens, 2017