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Normally you only need to provide a link to information online, and  an image is always welcome.

However, if you'd like to provide more information, or there isn't anything online yet, please use this optional form:

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Send to - Hazel Crabtree - 

The following LSA Officer roles have been filled for 2022:

Membership Secretary  - Dayle Flude
Council Secretary   - Dayle Flude
Exhibitions Officer  - Lis Naylor
Treasurer (designate) - Jay Seabrook

We are looking for an LSA Events Officer - this is a new role,with an Honoraria, for a person to run events such as social gatherings, talks, etc. for the society.  For more information or enquiries please get in touch with the Chair, David Clarke -

 There's a full list of everyone who is an Officer or on the Council here


LSA Chair 2022 -  David Clarke -
LSA Membership & Council Secretary
- Dayle Flude  -
LSA Exhibitions Officer - Lis Naylor -
LSA Website - Hazel Crabtree -

LSA Rules

Membership Rules - updated at the AGM on 9 November 2021  |  Read here | or download pdf here.

LSA Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Members  (GDPR) -- here.
How we collect and hold your personal information and your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

LSA Equality & Diversity Policy

LSA Equality and Diversity Policy -  here.
How we aim to treat all our members equally and with respect.