Painting by Jane Domingos

Tarpey Gallery
77 High Street
Castle Donington
DE74 2PQ

Open Thursday – Sunday 10am – 5pm

A celebration of the medium of oil paint in this intimate group exhibition format by Jane Domingos, Lewis Noble and Christine Hodges. Visual tropes, abstraction and representation are all used here to add complexity and sophistication to the appearance of the two dimensional quality of the painted surface and showcase the flexibility of this most revered medium. Each artist explores the subtlety of surface and employs different approaches to painting within the same constraints of medium, size and format that are often employed to utilize some of the many techniques available to the oil painter.

Painting by Jane Domingos

Jane Domingos, 'Winter Forest', 2018, oil on canvas, 100cm x 60cm

Jane Domingos' current work is concerned with scale and the notion of the horizon and follows on from earlier work that dealt specifically with the final moments of life and the idea of a presence created by objects left behind. Essentially it is the ability of the human mind to transcend the physicality and fixed forms of the spatial and temporal world we inhabit that is core to the work.

Lewis Noble’s work walks the tightrope between representational and expressive painting to convey a landscape that is still happening. If you were able to look to the left, right, above or below the canvas, you could see another entirely different yet interconnected image. These are not photographic frozen moments but paintings which contain all the time it took to make them.

Christine Hodges simply looks for the beauty in ordinary things, inspired by the play of light and colour on objects, a sense of calm and peacefulness emerges.

M: 07772 404293