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Red sales dot  A red dot indicates that this work has been sold

 Name Nmbr Title Media Price
01 Kelvin Adams    
Kelvin Adams01Holliday Grainger

Image: 36cms x 36cms
Frame size: 40 x 40cm
02: Frank Bingley    
Frank Bingley 02Show Beastoil pastel£180
03: Deborah Bird, Winter Birches 2    
Deborah Bird 03Red Sold Dot   Winter Birches 2
Image size 23x23cms
Framed size 42x42cm

Purchase here -
watercolour & pigment£350
04: Lesley Brooks    
Lesley Brooks 04Delphiniumswatercolour, gouache & ink £380
05: Vivienne Cawson    
Vivienne Cawson RBSA 05Last of the Sweet Peas

Image size: 22 x 22cm
Frame size: 42 x 42cm

Purchase here -
watercolour, gouache and ink£380
06: Margaret Chapman    
Margaret Chapman 06Lockdown Daffodilsmixed media£180
07: David Clarke    
David Clarke07Thunderstorms at Sunset

(HIghly Commended)
watercolour £195
08: David Clarke    
David Clarke 08Thundery Sky

(The LSA George Pickard Prize)
watercolour £195
09: Peter Clayton    
Peter Clayton09Woodland Elements 2mixed media £650
 10: Sue Clegg    
Sue Clegg 10Seventh Heaven 1
drawing & digital collage£135
 11:  Sue Clegg    
 Sue Clegg 11Seventh Heaven 2

(The LSA Henton Ellis Prize)
drawing & digital collage£135
12:  Henrietta Corbett, Peat Fields    
Henrietta Corbett 12Peat Fields

(Highly Commended)

Purchase here -
acrylic on board £225
13: Henrietta Corbett, Winter Skies    
 Henrietta Corbett 13Winter Skies

Purchase here -
 acrylic on board£225 
14: Hazel Crabtree, Winter Fields    
Hazel Crabtree 14Winter Fieldswatercolour £275
15: Maxine Dodd, Faller at the Third to Last    
Maxine Dodd 15Faller at the Third to Last

Purchase here -
watercolour pen and ink Not for Sale
16: Jane Domingos, Dawn    
Jane Domingos 16  Red Dot - SOLD artwork   Dawn  (SOLD)
oil on board £180
17: Emma Fitzpatrick, Tulips    
Emma Fitzpatrick 17Red sales dot   Tulips  (SOLD)

(Highly Commended)

Image - 18x17cm.
Frame - 35x34cms

Purchase here -
mixed media -acrylic, pastel, pencil£190
18: Tim Fowler, Abyssinian Magenta    
Tim Fowler 18Magenta Abyssinian

Purchase here -
mixed media on canvas£600
19: Jane French, Eliza    
Jane French 19Eliza

Contact the artist -
oil in board £600
20: Jacqui Gallon, Woodland Abstraction    
Jacqui Gallon 20Woodland Abstraction - Diptychsoil, earth pigment£250
Linda Gleave, Breakwater    
Linda Gleave21Breakwatermixed media textile£225
Linda Gleave, Bay    
Linda Gleave22Baymixed media textile£225
Sue Graham, Purple Haze, Holme-next-the-Sea    
Sue Graham23Purple Haze, Holme Next to Seaoil on paper£250
 Mark Hancock, Nocturne    
Mark Hancock24Nocturneoil on board£495
Mark Hancock, Nocturne    
Mark Hancock25Prelude oil on board £495
Suzanne Harry, Towards Carl Wark - left    
Suzanne Harry26 Towards Carl Wark (left diptych)

30 x 30 cms  on box canvas (unframed)

Purchasers please note - No.26 and No.27 can only be sold together - total cost for both works: £580
Suzanne Harry, Towards Carl Wark - right    
Suzanne Harry27Towards Carl Wark (right diptych)

30 x 30 cms on box canvas (unframed)

Purchasers please note - No.26 and No.27 can only be sold together  - total cost for both works: £580
 oil £290
Graeme Hawes, Murrini Bowl    
Graeme Hawes28 Murrini Bowl

Purchase here -
blown glass£780
Graeme Hawes, Murrini Slice    
Graeme Hawes 29Murrini Slice

(Highly Commended)

Purchase here -
 blown glass£395
Catherine Headley, Granite & Lichen    
Catherine Headley30Granite and Lichen

(Highly Commended)

Image size: 20 x 20cm
Catherine Headley, Soft Sea and Granite    
Catherine Headley 31Soft Sea and Granite

Image size: 20 x 20cm
Glen Heath, Ceccin's Folly    
Glen Heath32Ceccini's Folleymixed media£175
Rod Hill, Arish Mell    
Roderick Hill33Arish Mell, Dorset - Sketchacrylic £60
Roderick Hill, Mupe Bay    
Roderick Hill34Mupe Bay, Dorset - Sketch acrylic £60
 Stuart Hill, Over Land, Under Moon    
Stuart Hill35Over Land Under Moonacrylic/mixed media£125
 Stuart Hill, Winter's Flight    
Stuart Hill 36Red Sold dot   Winter's Flight

(Highly Commended)
 Acrylic/mixed media £125
Fiona Humphrey, Nexus II    
Fiona Humphrey37Nexus II

(The Chair's Award 2020)

Unframed print  - £140 each
(3 available)

Purchase here -
Sarah Kirby, Hut    
Sarah Kirby38 Hut

(Highly Commended)

Contact the artist -
monotype and linocut print £250
Sarah Kirby, Faraway Hut    
Sarah Kirby39 Faraway Hut

Contact the artist -
 monotype and linocut print £250
Graham Lacey, Sky, Land & Sea    
Graham Lacey40Sky, Land and Sea

Image 25 x  cms
frame 32 x 32 cms
oil £250
Terry Lord, Mount St Bernard Abbey    
Terry Lord41Mount St Bernard Abbey From Warren Hillsoil £300
Katie MacDowel, Grace    
Katie MacDowel42Gracewatercolour Not for sale
Karen MacInnes, Late  Morning, Early Afernoon    
Karen MacInnes43Late Morning, Early Afternoon

Paper size: 40 x 40cm
Frame size: 45 x 45cm

Contact the artist -
acrylic on paper £380
Jo McChesney, Pines    
Jo McChesney44Pines

(Highly Commended)

Unframed prints (30 available) - £80 each

Contact the artist -
carborundum & drypoint £100
Jo McChesney, Green Moon    
Jo McChesney45Green Moon

Unframed prints (30 available) - £80 each

Contact the artist -
 carborundum & drypoint

(unframed £80)
 John Nixon, Cadaques    
John Nixon46Waterside view, Cadaques, Spain

Size: 450mm x 450mm, including frame
Toni Northcott, Kim's Cabbages    
Toni Northcott47Kim's Cabbagesmixed media £320
 Annie O'Connor, Hope    
Annie O’Connor48Hope - Black Lives Matter seriesmixed media collage£140
 Annie O'Connor, Renewal    
 Annie O’Connor49Renewal - Black Lives Matter seriesmixed media collage £140
Vicky Olivera, Here and There    
Vicky Olivera50Here-and-There-Aquí-y-Allá

Size:  62 x 22.5cm, including frame
Woven cotton and bicycle inner tubes £210
Irene Peutrill, A Light on the Horizon    
Irene Peutrill51A Light on the Horizonacrylic£150
Peter Rapp, It is what it is    
Peter Rapp52It is what it is

(The Guy Dixon Prize)

Unframed print - £100

Purchase here -

Rita Sadler, Autumn Gold    
Rita Sadler53Autumn Gold

Contact the artist -
oil £185
 Susan R Sansome, Blakeney    
Susan R. Sansome RBSA 54Blakeney pastel£200
Jay Seabrook, The Wily Fox    
 Jay Seabrook 55The Wily Fox

(Highly Commended)

Contact the artist -
Collagraph and watercolour £195
George Sfougaras, Phenotype    
George Sfougaras 56Phenotype

(Highly Commended)

Image: 16 x 11cm
Frame: 34 x 34cm

Purchase here -
acrylic and pen on paper£300
Linda Sharman, After the Rain    
Linda Sharman 57After the Rain, Norfolkacrylic on wood panel£145
Linda Sharman, Figures through the Light    
Linda Sharman  58 Figures through the light, Leicester oil on paper £145
Jo Sheppard, Autumn Equinox #1    
Jo Sheppard 59Autumn Equinox #1

Purchase here -
oil, cold wax & mixed media £125
Jo Sheppard, Autumn Equinox #2    
Jo Sheppard 60 Autumn Equinox # 2

Purchase here -
oil, cold wax & mixed media £125
Ruth Singer, 1292 Food Bank Visits    
 Ruth Singer 611292 Food Bank Visits in 18 Weeks

Purchase here -
Clare Speller, Storr    
Clare Speller 62Storr

(Highly Commended)

Contact the artist -
Oil & mixed media on canvas collage on board £230
Clare Speller, Talisker Bay    
Clare Speller  63 Talisker Bay

Contact the artist -
Oil & mixed media on canvas collage on board   £230
 Willow Stacey, The man who thought    
Willow Stacey 64The man who thought he was my everythingEmbroidery thread on vintage doily£200
 Willow Stacey    
Willow Stacey 65The man with the self-inflated egoEmbroidery thread on vintage doily£200 
 Lucy Stevens, Jay     
Lucy Stevens 66Jay (Pink sunset)

Purchase here -
 mixed media on board£375
 Sally Struszkowski, Portrait of a Dodo    
Sally Struszkowski 67Portrait of a Dodoink & watercolour£175
 Sally Struszkowski, Portrait of a Shoebill    
Sally Struszkowski 68Portrait of a Shoebillink & watercolour£175
Pete Underhill, Girl    
Pete Underhill 69Girl

Image size - 17 x 17cm

Purchase here -
graphite and white pencil on paper. £95
Danielle Vaughan, All at Sea    
Danielle Vaughan 70All at Sea

'Get in Touch' at the bottom of Danielle's website -
 collage with resin finish£125
Danielle Vaughan, Holding out    
Danielle Vaughan 71Holding Out

'Get in Touch' at the bottom of Danielle's website -
 collage with resin finish £125
Dylan Waldron, Toby's Bowl    
Dylan Waldron RBSA 72Toby's Bowl watercolour£650
Deborah Ward, Last Pub Meal    
Deborah Ward 73Last Pub Mealcharcoal£200
Nanette Whiteway 74Autumn oil£150
Nanette Whiteway 75Winteroil £150
Roger Whiteway 76Where the Wild Things Grow acrylic £150
 Roger Whiteway 77 The Future is Fuchsia acrylic £150
Victoria Whitlam, Autumn Path    
Victoria Whitlam 78Autumn Path

(Highly Commended)

Purchase here -
 free motion stitch £150
Victoria Whitlam, Bluebell Wood    
Victoria Whitlam  79Bluebell Wood

Purchase here -
 free motion stitch £150
Ann Wignall - Still life with passion flower    
Ann C Wignall 80Still life with passion floweracrylic £275
Ann Wignall, from Tate Modern    
Ann C Wignall  81 From Tate Modernacrylic£300
Alan Willey, Matt    
Alan Willey 82Mattoil NFS
Bob Wood, Whisper    
Bob Wood 83Whispergreen serpentine on oak£175

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