Patchwork Rainbow piece 1

LSA Member Danielle Vaughan is assembling a ‘Patchwork Rainbow’, created from fabric pieces donated by members of the public. The aim is to produce a patchwork constructed of coloured fabric which will eventually be exhibited in Leicester – the location is being discussed. 

Patchwork Rainbow - piece 4

Each piece of the rainbow is to be stitched in the same colour as the material, with a design to reflect how you have been feeling during the lockdown period. 

If you would like to contribute to the Patchwork Rainbow please use these guidelines:

Patchwork 'Hope' piece


You are free to be as expressive as you like with what you share.  It is anonymous so no-one will know which piece is yours.

Send it to:

Patchwork Rainbow
19 Grangeway Road
Wigston LE18 1JE

For any queries, please contact Danielle Vaughan