Pilgrimages exhibition poster

Sock Gallery
Loughborough Town Hall
Market Place
Loughborough LE11 3EB

Open: Monday-Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Free Entry

A collaborative exhibition of cathedral paintings by Mick and Rita Sadler

Mick and Rita decided that a joint artistic project would keep them both occupied after Mick took early retirement. A small book “Ancient English Cathedrals” by Mark Mills became the starting point for PILGRIMAGES. Two years later Mick and Rita's plein air sketchbooks and studies, together with photographs taken along the way have been the inspiration for this collaborative exhibition.

Their paintings depict observations and the feelings generated by what they learnt from their journeys. It reflects the experiences encountered both inside the nave, along the cloisters, in Chantries and Chapter Houses, below in the crypt and gardens; and outside looking up at the towers, gargoyles, crocketts and flying butresses. Architectural styles, natural disasters, wars, religious upheaval and monarch's zealotry have all played their part in the changing fortunes of these great seats of power. Little did they know how much they would discover on this journey. Information collected on the way from shop staff, guides and volunteers have provided insight to elements within the cathedrals.

As they progressed on their journey Mick and Rita Sadler found themselves looking at other cathedrals not considered ancient enough to be featured in the little book. Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Newark and Birmingham are all local to them so they were too close to miss out!

Meet the Artists

Saturday 7th March 10am - 1pm

Join Rita & Mick Sadler in the Sock Gallery where you will have the opportunity to talk to them about their work. Complimentary tea and coffee during the event.


W: www.loughboroughtownhall.co.uk/sock/gallery