Giulia Ricci, Detail of Parallel / Bend (Folding), 2019, permanent marker on wall (with protective varnish) hand drawn cut vinyl on glass, approx. 200x2000cms

Exhibition hosted at Loughborough University by TRACEY, the site for drawing and visualisation research.







Phil Sawdon - La souris est en dessous de la table Page 22, 2013-2023


The order of drawing is an online exhibition of international contemporary drawing, selected by guest curator Arno Kramer (Netherlands). The exhibition accompanies the Drawing Research Network‘s 2023 Drawing in Relation series of research presentations organised by the Drawing Research Group (DRG) at Loughborough University.  Submissions were invited to the call for drawings in response to the theme of ‘drawing in relation’ suggesting that drawing can be considered relational; it is a means by which relations and the conditions through which they are created, maintained, and broken can be investigated.  Submissions were invited from anyone practicing drawing in a traditional or expanded way and over 300 drawings were received from artists across the globe in response.

From the submissions, Arno selected 30 drawings for inclusion in the exhibition representing diverse approaches and responses to the theme - included is a work by LSA Member Phil Sawdon.

Exhibition accessible here.

Two previous exhibitions, which also included work by Phil Sawdon, can be accessed using the links below:

'Ecologies Of Drawing: In Situ', 2022

'Drawn To Time', 2021

The exhibition host, TRACEY aims to stimulate, host and publish diverse perspectives on drawing and visualisation to/for a community of researchers, practitioners, educators and students.