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I studied design at Leicester Polytechnic working as a knitwear designer for many years. My biggest influence to my paintings was my father who was a fantastic impressionist painter. For many years I tagged along to my father’s art classes at the early age of eleven learning many skills from him.

I paint a lot from memory every day places, people, the feel, atmosphere, colour, light and people going on with their everyday lives. The mediums I use consist of mostly acrylic and pastel but I do like to experiment with different types of media and mediums. I tend to start a painting by layering different colours by bleeding and blending them and also rubbing them with fingers and cloth, only whilst having a memory or picture in mind. I don’t often do much sketching or planning out before I start to paint, sometimes I work from my photography which I incorporate into my paintings.

Recently I have tried something a bit different by painting on old wood panels I find the grain and knots in the wood often defines the way a picture goes ,also how the paint catches the grain making marks into the indentations along its travels. Then I will finish off by sanding and waxing, sometimes with different tones and strengths of wax.


Instagram   @ lindasharman62