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My work as a textile artist is strongly influenced by my first career in museums. My work is research-focussed and I am fascinated by material culture, history and the power of objects in human narratives. I often use intensely personal and emotive subjects or historical themes inspired by people, objects and places as well as how we respond to and interact with objects and materials in our daily lives, the traces we leave behind, the stories we embed into our material culture and the importance of cloth and objects in our lives.

I work intuitively and organically, experimenting with traditional and contemporary textile techniques to find what feels right with the ideas I am exploring. I work mainly with old cloth, often damaged, torn and worn, which I combine with hand stitch, natural dye, quilting, appliqué and mixed media to create subtle and emotive pieces. I do not confine my practice to any one type of object; I create hangings, quilts, small objects and installations which all have distinctive feel of preciousness and delicacy created with the combination of hand stitch and fragile fabrics.

I work in series and groups, often responding to commissions from galleries and museums or around my own personal research projects such as family history, my emotional life and my relationship with landscape and nature. In early 2016 I completed a year-long residency and solo exhibition project at the National Centre for Craft & Design called Narrative Threads, bringing together several years' work alongside new series generated through the residency. I am currently working on two series exploring my local landscape and nature in relation to emotional healing as well as a collected of amulets.

I also work extensively in collaborations with other artists and makers, allowing me to explore other avenues of research and to expand my creative horizons. I am currently working with Bethany Walker under the name Interlace, creating cloth and concrete installations.