These artists were elected to Membership of Leicester Society of Artists on Sunday 22 September 2019


Kelvin Adams, 'David Attenborough' (detail)

Kelvin Adams


Employed as a newspaper artist for over 43 years, Kelvin Adams is particularly interested in portraiture and sport . .  .  read more

Painting by Frank Bingley

Frank Bingley

Painter and Printmaker

Frank Bingley fascinated by people-watching, vehicles and animals and his artworks are usually based on one or other of these. A self-taught artist, his favourite medium is gouache  . . . . read more

Jarvis Brookfield painting (detail)

Jarvis Brookfield


Jarvis Brookfield is an emerging painter currently studying Fine Art at De Montfort University.  Dreams, the unconscious mind and the bridge between the known an unknown inspires him to paint. . .    read more

painting by Angela Chorley

Angela Chorley


Angela Chorley studied graphic design at De Montfort University and worked in the design industry for over 30 years.  She now paints from life, striving for perfect compositions and telling mark-making . .  .   read more

Painting by Mandeep Dhadialla

Mandeep Dhadialla

Artist Printmaker

Mandeep Dhadhialla creates original botanical relief prints, carving her drawings on traditional lino and Japanese vinyl cutting surfaces using specialist carving tools, inking with oil-based printmaking inks and printing by hand or with an etching press. Her printmaking practice for professional development has led to submissions to open call exhibitions in Kenya and England. . . .   read more

coloured circle

Jemisha Maadhavji

more information coming soon

Chris Macauley, 'Fishermen, Teign Estuary', (detail)

Chris Macauley


Chris Macauley studied Fine Art at Newcastle Polytechnic and has worked on a number of commissions.  He is not subject-driven, concentrating instead on light through colour and arrangement of form.  'I am always trying to discover what the painting is about', he says. . .   read more

Joy Norman image

Joy Norman

Mixed media artist

Joy Norman works with paper, employing many techniques to create delicate and intriguing decorative pieces, combining the diverse qualities of pulps and papers with textile fragments, organic items and found objects . . .   read more

Tony O'Dwyer, 'Figure Study 1', (detail)

Tony O'Dwyer


Tony O'Dwyer has a BA in Fine Art from De Montfort University and paints figures and landscapes.  His current passion is for urban sketching and he goes out sketching at least once a week to locations in the Midlands . . .    read more

coloured circle

Angie Packer

more information coming soon

coloured circle

Emma-Jane Rule

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Artwork by Clare Speller

Clare Speller

Sculptor and mixed media artist

Clare Speller studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art and her current practice involves using canvas as collage. Inspired by writers of speculative fiction, local history and folklore, although abstract in appearance, is suggestive of the tension and beauty of land and seascape. . . . .read more

Artwork by Willow Stacey

Willow Stacey

Mixed media artist

Willow Stacey has a degree in Fine Art from Leeds College of Art.  Her current work started as a way for her to portray what had been said to her when she was working as a waitress and she became inspired to give other women a voice.   read more

Sally Struszkowski painting (detail)

Sally Struszkowski


Sally Struszkowski's inspiration is nature, which represents in a realistic, but sometimes fun and dramatic way, using pen and ink and watercolour . . . . read more

Pete Underhill 'Naughty Sugar' (detail)

Pete Underhill


After a career that took in graphic design and work in many creative areas, Pete Underhill took up oil painting and found the medium suited him and he develop his style of contemporary realism.  He mainly paints people, although the challenge of painting anything excites him . . . . . read more

Painting by Ro Williams (detail)

Ro Williams


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Sculpture by Bob Wood

Bob Wood


Bob Wood sculpts to express the human condition and invite personal reflection or interpretation on the forms he creates. . . . .read more