4 prize-winners works at the Open exhibition

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12 July 2017

Bradley Phelps, Jane French, Catherine Headley and Tiffany Tangen are among prize-winners at the Open exhibition in Leicester which showcases work from 223 artists across the East Midlands.  This annual open exhibition now in its 28th year is held at the Old Library Gallery in Belvoir Street, Leicester and continues to 26th August 2017.  To see more about the exhibition on our Noticeboard click here

Attenborough Prize - Bradley Phelps, 'Winds of Change'

Drawing by Bradley Phelps

Bradley Phelps, 'Winds of Change', pencil - Attenborough Prize

LCB Depot Prize - Jane French 'The Stripy Skirt'

Wilson Brown Prize - Jane French, 'The Stripy Skirt'

Painting by Jane French

Jane French, 'The Stripy Skirt', oil


LCB Depot Prize - Catherine Headley, 'Sea Glimpse'

Painting by Catherine Headley

Catherine Headley, 'Sea Glimpse', oil on panel, 25cm x 25cm - LCB Depot Prize


LCB Depot Prize - Tiffany Tangen, 'I am an Individual' Parts One and Two

Photographs by Tiffany Tangen

Tiffany Tangen, 'I am an Individual' Part One and Two, digital prints

The three LCB Depot prize winners, LSA members Catherine Headley, Jane French and Tiffany Tangen, will all be exhibiting at the LCB Depot in 2018.