New members who are living working or studying in Leicestershire and Rutland and were elected in 2015

We are pleased to welcome 28 new members elected in March 2015.

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Painting by Lyn Armitage

Lyn Armitage

Painter in mixed media 

Inspirations for Lyn’s work comes from flowers and nature. She does not aim to capture every detail, but to explore her responses to the remembered atmosphere of the scene en masse… read more

Painting by Philip Dawson

Philip Dawson

Painter in mixed media

The rhythms and patterns of Nature have never ceased to amaze me – my work is inspired directly from her canvas. . . . .read more

Ceramics by Daisy Fawcett

Daisy Fawcett


The discovery of new surface, form and technique is what excites me; it’s like being an explorer, an inventor.. . .read more

Portrait by Emma Fitzpatrick

Emma Fitzpatrick


I studied Visual Communications at Dunlaoire College of Art & Design in Ireland and have worked as a commercial designer for over 20 years. The subject matter of my work is diverse including figurative drawing and landscapes but I have a particular interest in drawing faces. . . .read more

Painting by Jacqui Gallon

Jacqui Gallon

Interdisciplinary - 2d and 3d

I am an interdisciplinary artist, working in both 2-D and 3-D and utilising different media, depending on the theme to which I am responding.  Drawing always underlies my practice . . . .read more

Painting by Suzanne Harry

Suzanne Harry


Suzanne's landscape paintings evoke the essence of place, rather than the literal. Small studies are completed en plein air and then developed on larger canvases in the studio . . .read more

Painting by Alan Hopwood

Alan Hopwood


Drawing influences from the varied cities and landscapes of the UK, Alan uses traditional painting techniques and digital manipulation to explore and express human emotions and states of mind. . . .read more

Print by Fiona Humphrey

Fiona Humphrey


Fiona's collagraph and drypoint work explores themes of isolation, individuality and community whereas her linocut prints portray familiar scenes with a contemporary folk narrative . . . . read more

Photograph by Andrea Jaeger

Andrea Jaeger

Interdisciplinary Photography

Andrea Jaeger undertakes artistic investigations into the medium of photography and its boundaries. The work of art that emerges is not intended as a result, but as an object of knowledge that demands to be engaged with. . . . read more

Painting by Graham Lacey

Graham Lacey


Graham worked as a graphic reproduction artist for many years; now he mainly works in oil in an expressive style 'alla prima'. . . . . read more

painting by Gillian Adair McFarland

Gillian Adair McFarland


I have an interest in the impact of things on each other. . . . read more

Painting by Judy Merriman

Judy Merriman


Judy lives partly in Rutland and partly in West Africa from which she draws much of her inspiration for her figurative and portrait oil paintings. . . . . read more

Painting by Annie O'Connor

Annie O'Connor


After taking early retirement in early 2013, Annie was acccepted on to the BTEC Foundation course in Art and Design at De Montfort University . . . . read more

Painting by Kerry Pears

Kerry Pears


From sketchbooks filled during a recent circumnavigation of the world in a sailing yacht, I am now producing work from the inspiration of my travels . . . . read more

Ink drawing by Ruth Randall

Ruth Randall


Ruth Randall studied Graphic Design at Loughborough College of Art & Design and was a wildlife illustrator for various publications and organisations. . . . . read more

Print by Peter Rapp

Peter Rapp


My work can be inspired by everyday observation, from the many sketches I make, or from sources such as books and music. . . . . read more

Painting by Siyuan Ren

Siyuan Ren


It could be the subject matters, injection of the mood and philosophy to my work, or bringing some traditional Chinese art and craft into a western media. My aim is to integrate Chinese art with western art. . . . . read more

Painting by Rita Sadler

Rita Sadler


I have learnt that I can always find inspiration for my art from my immediate surroundings, my home, garden or the back lane where I walk our dog every day. I am happiest working from life. . . . read more

Painting by Linda Sharman

Linda Sharman


I paint a lot from memory every day places, people, the feel, atmosphere, colour, light and people going on with their everyday lives. . . . . read more

Painting by Keith Sturgess

Keith Sturgess


Sketches made on the spot and remembered images act as catalysts to Keith's work, capturing atmosphere and energy of the landscape. . . . . read more

painting by Lisa Timmerman

Lisa Timmerman


isa Timmerman trained at Loughborough Art College and then gained a BA Hons degree at Bristol Art College before working for many years in the fashion & textile industry in London & East Asia.  Since becoming a professional artist in 2011 . . . . read more

Digitally abstracted photograph by Susan West

Susan West

Printmaker & Photographer

Following a successful career in computational chemistry I did a foundation course at Loughborough University . . . . . read more

Painting by Roger Whiteway

Roger Whiteway


I paint landscape in planes of flat colour, in the style of the old railway poster artists, and still life, often with a scenic background and in a cubist style. . . . . read more

Textile by Victoria Whitlam

Victoria Whitlam


I work in both free motion machine stitch and hand stitched applique to create pictures with a ‘painted’ look .. . . . read more

Painting by Alan Willey

Alan Willey


Alan Willey graduated from Southampton College of Art, where he studied Fine Art. . . . . read more